City of Rhun

A Day at the Spa

A Devil's Due

Niccolo leaned back resting his massive arms on the lip of the bath. The fetid water lapped about his massive stomach as he settled in. Severed heads bobbed amongst the corpse flowers. Using one red nailed hand he picked up the closest and look at it. How the might had fallen. The fiend popped it into his mouth and popped it like a grape.

By the time that the mirror shimmered the fiend was fully relaxed with fluted crystal glass held between two pudgy fingers. He had been studying himself and considering when to make his next move when Igan appeared before him. Niccolo sat his drink down. “Igan, my favorite mortal. How is business?”

Igan was sitting at his desk with his feet propped on its top. Despite the relaxed posture the good side of his face did not look pleased. His one good eye gazed through the mirror across the infinite multiverse at his partner. No Igan did not fool himself. He stared at his master. He was a favored servant but still a servant in the great scheme of things. “Well enough. I assume you planned for Strigoi to escape.”

Niccolo kept his smile perfectly plastered. He hadn’t but there was no need for Igan to know that. It changed the game, but perhaps that was for the best. “Has he remained in the city?”

Igan lowered his feet. “If the recent reports of rabid dogs eating people are any sign, Yes.” Crossing his arms the flesh merchant frowned. “I’m sure it was a calculated gamble but if the nobles come down on my head then I can’t exactly bring you anymore souls.” He said nobles as if it were a curse.

Niccolo tapped his perfectly manicured claws on the basalt flooring. He didn’t like loose ends but one barghest, even Strigoi was nothing more than an acceptable variation. “They think he is just a mindless beast. You cannot be held responsible for a mindless beast now can you. They need you for their blood sport. It is an acceptable if regrettable cost.” Igan nodded.

The primordial fiend picked his drink back up. “There are other plans in the works that should distract them from the peasants’ problems. A contract I had thought void has just been reactivated.” Niccolo pushed himself out of the water. “Now if there is nothing else we have business to attend to.” Igan nodded and the mirror returned to being just that. Niccolo turned and looked at himself. He had lost weight, never a good sign.


Eichlos Eichlos

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