City of Rhun

A Death in the Families

I hate jury duty.



Alexi stood. “This High Court will be called to order.” Before he can finish there is a scuffle outside. The doors burst open and in stride four halflings. Their leader is dressed in a royal purple cloak and hat. The other three are dressed in matching armor with a glowing diadem in the center of their foreheads. “Tigo what is the meaning of this?”

Tigo points. “The meaning of this is that you have once again tried to exclude me from a Court proceeding that I have a right to be in. Just because a noble got murdered in the gardens doesn’t mean I, a humble merchant, lose my position in this court.”

Alexi is once again cut off but this time by Lady Myrr. “Let him stay Alexi.” The other members of the Court stare at her. “This will require a go between with these commoners, who better than Tigo. He has a place on this council and he works amongst their kind every day. Surely they will be able to speak freely to him.”

Alexi is gritting his teeth. “As I was saying, this High Court will be called to order. Each of you,” he points at you, “has been summoned because of ancient compact between the nobility. If an impartial decision cannot be made by this Court then, a populous will be pulled to discover the facts and decide. Should you fail then you shall be put to death. If you run, you shall be found and put to death. Should you succeed, you will be properly compensated, and be allowed to return to your lives.”

The Details

Last night Logan Ddwyer was brutally murdered in the Park of Lions. His body was found by grounds keepers. He had been slashed to ribbons with what appears to have been a large blade. There was no note or marking found on his corpse.

Their Job

Find the killer and any accomplices and bring them before the Court—dead or alive.


Eichlos Eichlos

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