City of Rhun

More Paper Work

Who will watch...

Gareth inhaled the steam coming from his cup of tea. It was imported from the Eastern kingdoms and was his one indulgence while on the job. “What do we have today Margette?” The rotund woman sitting behind the battered desk gave him a sly smile. She had worked side by side with him ever sense he had been elevated from to Detective. “That bad is it?” He asked as she handed him the latest reports.

Sitting back in the chair she crossed her arms over her massive breasts. She looked more like a matron with twelve children than a Watch officer. “The usual batch of drunken stabbings and falling off the pier.” She checked the small room as if she expected to find someone listening in. Lower her voice she whispered. “We found another one of the Face murders. I know you want to keep this from the Up Towners but we need to release something to the criers. That makes the fourth one in the last week.”

“Let me look over this one more time before we do anything. Have you compiled the list of people best suited to handle this little situation?”

Margette shook her head. “The killer chose one. There is a note there for Detective Vaughn. I caught it before it could be delivered only by chance. The courier was trying to get in to see him directly.”

Gareth frowned. “I’ll deliver it to him when I tell him about our visitor.” He turned to enter his office and start the days work.

“Cheif, one last thing. Tigo says he’ll be by after things cool down with the Watch’s cut.” There was no disgust or outrage in her voice. Margette had been in this game too long. She knew that much of the peace that the watch maintained was with the help of the Goodseller’s enforcers. If the Up Towners would give us more funds we wouldn’t need him but they are too caught up in their own games.

Sitting behind his desk Gareth carefully pried the wax of the note. The message inside was a simple one.

Catch me if you can Detective Vaughn. Best regards, The Faceless

Gareth let out a long sigh and sipped his tea. He didn’t need another killer in his city. Between the nobility and the pirates he had had more than enough death for three lifetimes. The Watch Chief didn’t bother trying to seal the note back. It wouldn’t matter. The bigger issue was the man they had chained up in the basement. He was a bottom string gladiator named Artam and the only living attacker from the ambush in the Low Market last week. Gareth had debated on whither or not tell Vaughn that he had been found. Personal vendetta’s could twist man. Gareth didn’t want to see his best detective go down that road.


Eichlos Eichlos

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