City of Rhun

Sea Devil's Doom

A Son's Return Home

Rahvin sat at his usual place on the wall. House Fairlaen guards stood a respectful distance away while their master held his vigil. It had been nearly three weeks sense he had received any message from the fleet. It was supposed to have been a routine inspection. Despite what he told the Court every session the pirates were little threat to Rhun. They needed the Port as much as the ships they fleeced. Far bellow him was the bobbing shape of the Scarlet Squid. Docked to it was the distinctive white dingy of the scarlet corsair Aeria Bane. For most the post part the “Pirate Queen” kept them in check and for that Rahvin was grateful.

From somewhere to his left was a scuffle. He could hear his guards stiffen. It had been almost a year now sense Belal’s death and things had been quiet. Rahvin turned to see a messenger struggling with a wall guard. “Let me go you bloody idiot. I have an urgent message for Lord Fairlaen. no I won’t tell you what. I was instructed to deliver it directly to him.”

Rahvin passed between his guards without a word. They fell in behind him. He stopped before the struggling pair. The guard looked up, looked up again, and promptly dropped the youth to salute. the messenger dusted him self off and glared at Rahvin. “You wanted to see me now deliver you message.” From his pocket the youth withdrew a now crumbled envelope and handed it to Rahvin. “You,’ the gaurd stiffened, “escort him the Great Arch.”

Smooth out the paper and the crenelation the ship-born noble saw that it bore no official mark. Strange, what would have been so urgent besides official business. Before he could open it the head of his personal guard tapped him on the shoulder. Rahvin glared at him. “Apologies my Lord but I think you may want to see this.” The veteran was point out at the horizon. There outlined against the gray-blue skies were ships. Each bore the distinctive outline of the Rhun Fleet. The Sea Drake was returning home at last. Couldn’t be a moment sooner. Things are stirring and I want my preventer at my side.


Eichlos Eichlos

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