City of Rhun

The Old Witch

Deals, deals, deals.

Shamakani dipped his long neck down low so that his headdress wouldn’t catch on the door frame. His green tongue shot out tasting the odors of rotting meat, fetid water, and distilled pain. These weren’t uncommon scents in this swampy region but within the confines it was concentrated to an almost unbearable level. The chieftain closed his second eye-lid to block out the smoke and pushed bast the skull beads forming the door.

The room beyond was filled with twisted and leaning shelving. Large jars of things that turned even Shamakani’s stomach rested on them. In the center of the room was a massive cauldron formed from dented shields. Shamakani recognized several of the crests still visible on them. The woman standing over the cauldron had long white hair, blue skin, pointed ears, and was dressed in rough leathers and bone fragments. To another mammal she may have been fair but the lizardman knew it was just her Seeming at work. He blinked the third eyelid closed. Where the tall young woman had been was a lanky, sharp toothed, green haired, crone with glowing orange eyes. He slid the third lens back. It was easier to look at her glaumor than the truth.

“Shamakani, War Chief of the Grey Scale Zealots. To what do I owe the pleasure?” Her voice was tinged with poison.

The lizardman growled low in his throat. “You know full well why I have come to you, hag.” A lesser being would have felt the distinct instinctual chill run down their spine at his tone. He wasn’t that far removed from the ancient lizards that once tracked the mammals across the jungles for sport.

“You wish to return to Kanobauk once more.” The chieftain nodded. “Then you know my price.”

The chieftain pushed the curtain aside. Standing in the quagmire outside Namu’Sobiya’s hut were seven young girls. Shamakani had procured them from a small village near the closest natural gate from the Faerie to Akallia. Namu only took female humanoids in payment and the chieftain despite his cold heart preffered not to think of their fates. He was a warrior for the Unseelie first and foremost. He was not a torturer, and he didn’t deal in souls when it could be helped, but he need a direct link to Kanobauk if his plan was to succeed. He need the blood of the Progenitor if he was to win the coming fights. His life and his clan depended on it.


Eichlos Eichlos

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