Drake Fairlaen


As a boy of 8 years Drake left the slums to “find money” for his family in the Warehouse and Tavern districts. Before the summer of his 10th year, he was well known, in certain circles, as the most skilled thief in the lower districts. In his 15th year he was a miniature crime boss, extorting little goblin gangs or small time vendors for the money to feed his mother and four siblings. Unfortunately, being a crime boss of any stature tends to get you noticed by the district watch.

One day, while out collecting his due, Drake stumbled into an ambush that was set for an entire team of goblins, and unfortunately, that was just enough to catch him. He spent the next 4 years in his life in the garrison, quarrying for the limestone so prominent in high court architecture. One day at the mines, an altercation in the quarry erupted between Drake and a fellow ex-wannabe-crime-boss, killing the other prison and 4 guards. As Drake was being relentlessly beaten by the still-living guards, Lord Fairlaen approached, and told the guards to stand down, calling for young drake to come speak with him. After a not so indirect conversation, Drake found himself in the employ of House Fairlaen as a bodyguard and “preventer.”

During his Second year of service, Drake was accompanying the Lord’s daughter on a trip to a high mountain pass overlooking Diamond falls when a group of assassins from house Myrr made an attempt on the daughter’s life. All of her guards were killed yet Drake managed to dispatch the last assailants and return the daughter to the high court. To honor his bravery, Lord Fairlaen decided to elevate Drakes status to that of son, adopting him in name, and made Drake a privateer in his Navy.

Drake Fairlaen

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