The Gates

The broken cobbles of the Lower Wards fade into packed dirt and sand as the Coliseum looms over you. Two neat lines of booths line the approach. Long lines of people wait for the turn. Many simply hold small chits of regulars but some carry coin purses and other trade goods. Dominating the space beyond is the armored form of the Gate Guard. Children goggle in wonder at its massive form.

The Training Sands

Large barred squares dominate one side of the gladiator housing. Inside oiled, bruised, and bloodied men and women train against dummies and one another. The safety bars are there for the spectators safety. The occasional drunk that wonders to close and hurls insults quickly find himself beyond the bars and chopped to bloody pieces.

Gladiator Housing

These squat square mud building are chipped and battered with years of graffiti. The lower windows are barred to keep in the slave troops but the upper are free and the sounds of carousing, fighting, and carnal release are common occurrences. Above even these are the champions villas where the oldest and strongest gladiators are given the best of everything.


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