High Court


The white marble steps leading towards the part of the city simply called the Hill by the peasants bellow was designed to inspire awe in those forced to climb them. Two-hundred and fifty to three-hundred steps depending on how drunk the sailors were at the time of counting. Looming over it all is the massive obelisk dominating the Court’s courtyard. Said to have been the first monument raised in Rhun. The Courthouse is built of the same white stone strong and sturdy not unlike the garrison bellow. This is where you are all going—where you have all been summoned to under penalty of death.


The antechamber in which you are seated is large and spacious, as if it was designed to have many occupants. The benches line the walls this day however are empty, the whole room is empty excluding the four of you and the two guards who stare blankly at the far wall.


There is the sharp tolling of a bell and the doors swing open. One of the guards signals for you to enter. The room beyond is a pit. The judges of this court sit in booths far above you. The largest of these draped in black have three occupants. A stern faced man with long brown hair and a thick mustache. Sitting behind him is a thin man cradling a harp and next to him is a young woman with long brown hair.

The box to his right is draped in blue. Within stands a strong looking man with tan skin and a prominent nose. Behind him is a slim woman dressed in all white and a young woman dressed in blue.

To the left is a box draped in bright reds. A young woman with hair much the same color as the curtains sits with lips pursed. At her side is a young blond haired girl, obviously the woman handmaid.

Above the doors by which you entered is another large box. This one is draped in purple has only one occupant, a savvier looking woman with iron grey hair and sharp spectacles. The rest of the box is filled with papers and a quill is in her hand.

The fianl box, draped in yellow silk, is empty.

The rest of the walls space is filled with benches that a mostly empty.

High Court

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