Park of Lions


Beyond the massive golden gates-called the Jaws of the Lion-are long sweeping marble walk ways, sloping green lawns, stunted, manicured trees, and hundreds of marble statues of long dead lords and ladies. At the center of it all is the Lion of Judas, a massive golden statue of a lion headed satyr, marking the death of the parks founder, Esido Thid.

Scene of the Crime

The location of the murder wouldn’t seem all the different from the rest except for two reasons. In a place where only the nobility walk there is no need for the Watch. However, here four of them are. The men are obviously uncomfortable, sweating in their dress uniforms, holding their spears high, and trying to look official when all they wanted was an ale and a meat pie.

The other distinctive feature is the square of ground around which the men stand. Everywhere else the lawns are perfectly manicured but here the ground is ripped up and broken. Long gashes of dirt and burnt divots are the most distinctive features.

Park of Lions

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